About Us

Why Choose Our Practice?

  • Our doctors have a real passion for orthodontics and dentistry.
  • We continue to evolve our treatment plans and approaches based on the latest research available.
  • We have a very conservative approach to our treatment plans. We do not recommend early treatment unless absolutely necessary for the health of the teeth and jaws.
  • We are very conservative about extractions and are able to plan most treatments with a non-extraction approach.
  • Our doctors and staff strive to make the entire experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible.
  • Our doctors and staff are very friendly, welcoming, and love to get to know our patients on a personal level.
  • We are very open and transparent with our treatment planning process. If orthodontic treatment is recommended, we will explain exactly what is needed and why. We make sure patients and parents understand their treatment and the reasons for our recommendations.
  • We love to educate our patients and their parents about their teeth and orthodontic treatment. We will make sure that you understand what we are doing at every step of the process and keep you informed about what is coming in the future.